We perform Independent Project Reviews and recommend improvement opportunities in newly developed health care projects. Independent Project Reviews provides unbiased outside expertise to assess and recommend course corrections and improvement opportunities in newly developed healthcare projects.
The main problem of domestic projects is a lack of modern methodology and the main drawback of projects that developed by international donors is lack of understanding of domestic issues.
We help to adjust for the issues and ensure project success.
We provide Healthcare Consulting that offering practical help to

Health researchers

in a wide range of areas including study design, data collection & management, statistical analysis, systematic reviews.

Researchers are strongly encouraged to contact us early in the development of their research idea or grant proposal.

Health care organizations and providers

in digital health, operational transformation, consumer experience and many more that  assist  them to develop and deliver personalized, efficient and informed care.

Private health care businesses

in developing of business plan, understanding epi requirements, licensing process and financial planning. Private healthcare business is relatively new for all countries of Central Asia and owners often are not aware with many underwater rocks of the business.  We navigate them and ensure business success.